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User account

Anyone can create an NRMM login for entering data as“ the system is fully automatic. However, if you are current logged in you cannot create one and must log out first.

On this NRMM LEZ website user accounts are based on the Site Name. This is because the NRMM machinery is used on the development as“ project managers and even company names may change during a development, but the development itself will remain.

The name for the development should include the year to make sure that similar developments are not confused e.g. "Stamford Street 2015". Names must also be unique on the system, so if someone else has used the name you will be told and must choose another. In that case it may be worth checking with others in case someone else has already started using this site.

Users must provide the basic contract information of a Contact Email, Contact Name, Contact Company and Contact Phone, which should be a direct dial or mobile if possible.

We also record some basic information about the site, including the Primary Borough it is in, whether it is in the Central Activity Zone or Canary Warf, and if known the planning application Year and Number. Not all sites have a planning application number, and some users may find this difficult to find out, but it will be useful to have this filled in if it is applicable and known.

If a Site Spans Borough Boundaries then the box should be ticked, and then you can record a second or even third local Borough. We also allow you to record the Site Postcode to help us locate the site. It is ok to use the nearest one if the site does not yet have one.

Finally the form asks you to Please Confirm Your Identity using a basic maths question..

When you press œCreate a new account you should be taken to a conformation page. The system will send an email to the given email address with a link that is used to confirm the email address is active. When this link is used it allows the password to be set for the account.