Local Authority Use

Local Authority Registration

Local Authorities in London are able to set up user accounts in order to view the NRMM register. You must be an appropriate employee of a London local authority to get a local authority account e.g. a pollution control officer or similar role.

If your local authority does not already have an account you can request one by email. Once your identity has been confirmed you will then be sent an email to your supplied email account, which will have a link that will allow you to set your password. The email comes from website@nrmm.london - you may need to add this email address to your contacts as some anti-spam systems may block it.

Logging In

You can then log in at /user, using the user name and the password you have selected. If you forget these details you can request a new password.

Viewing NRMM Sites

Once logged in you can view all NRMM sites using the page List Sites. On this page you can:

  • Filter for developments within a chosen London borough by selecting it from the "Borough" drop down control near the top of the list and pressing "Apply".
  • Sort the list by pressing on any column names that are hyperlinks e.g. "Created Date" would allow you to see the most recent additions.
  • View all the fields for the NRMM site by pressing "View" under the Site Column. This will list all the fields for the NRMM site, you can return to the NRMM Site List by pressing "back" on your browser.
  • View all the NRMM register entries for the site by pressing "View" under the Register column. This will return a full list of all NRMM register entries for that site, if no data appears then the site has not yet entered any data. Again, columns that are hyperlinks can be pressed to Sort the list. Entry status shows if the entry has passed basic checks - if it is not "Ok" then there may be something wrong with the entry. You can also press "view" at the end of the row to see the full detail of each entry.

What will local authorities do?

Local authorities will implement the NRMM LEZ through planning conditions attached to planning permissions or section 106 agreements. You can find the full local authority guidance here

How will local authorities make sure the policy is being implemented complied with on eligible development sites?

Local authorities will ensure the requirements are set out in the developers air quality management plan. Once the site is operational they may inspect the equipment on site and check it against entries on the register.If non-compliant equipment is found on site they may use planning enforcement powers to ensure the offending machinery is promptly removed or to stop work on site until it can be removed.

Is there an introductory period for the new NRMM LEZ requirements?

The Greater London Authority recognise that it will take time to ensure all local authorities are properly trained and understand the policy and to ensure that the industry is aware of its obligations. As a result we envisage a 'soft launch' for the first six months, where the emphasis will be on informing and training rather than any enforcement of penalties.

How will the policy be enforced?

The Greater London Authority has developed a new NRMM Register as a desktop tool to make enforcement as simple as possible. Once a local Authority has sign-up  it is possible to view the NRMM register entries for a specific development site and check that they are compliant with the NRMM LEZ policy.

What should local authorities do if a development site has not registered?

The local authority planning enforcement officer should contact the site manager to request that the site is registered at https://nrmm.london/user/register. If the site then fails to register the required information they will be in breach of the planning requirements.

What will happen if a development site is using equipment that is non-compliant for the NRMM LEZ?

On first inspection of the NRMM register the local authority will inform the site manager that there are a number of options available in order to comply with the requirements of the NRMM policy:

  • Reorganisation of NRMM fleet so that only compliant equipment is used in London
  • Replacing equipment (with new or second hand equipment which meets the policy)
  • Retrofit abatement technologies
  • Re-engining
  • If eligible, apply for an exemption

Sites with non-compliant equipment should not be given excessive time to replace non-compliant equipment, usually no more than 5 days. Non-compliant equipment should nt be used while it is waiting to be replaced.

If on subsequent inspections the development site is still using NRMM that does not comply with the NRMM LEZ policy then it may be neccessary to take further enforcement action.This could include service of an enforcement notice, a ‘breach of condition’ notice or, in serious cases such as where there are multiple non-compliant machines, a ‘temporary stop’ notice can be served to prevent further work on site until the planning breach is resolved.

What are the penalties for failing to comply with the NRMM LEZ requirements?

Penalties will depend on the individual borough and their planning enforcement teams. Failure to comply with enforcement, ‘breach of condition’ or ‘temporary stop’ notice is an offence and can lead to conviction in the courts and unlimited fines.  

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