Is my data secure?

The website used to store this data is regularly patched to ensure it remain secure. It is also regularly backed up to hard disk and then tape, some of which are stored at a secure off site location.

Your data is secured by the password you create on your account. The system enforces a minimum complexity for passwords, but you can choose to use a more complicated one to ensure it cannot be guessed. It is also up to you how often you change it, and who you give it to e.g. sub-contractors etc.

It is presumed that all phone numbers and email addresses entered are public business information but will still ensure anything provided remains secure. Any NRMM data you enter to the register is also considered commercially confidential, and NRMM users can only see their own entries.

Selected government officers have the ability to see all NRMM entries as part of their role. These will either be from the GLA or from relevant local authorities.

Anonymised summary data will be used as one of the many sources of data for emissions inventories, which will help make sure modelling of pollution levels is more accurate than it is currently. This summary data may also be used in future academic research.

The website is of course subject to relevant legislation like the Data Protection Act and the Environmental Information Regulations (similar to the Freedom of Information act). For more information see the Privacy Policy and Cookies pages.

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