What is the NRMM register?

In July 2014 the Greater London Authority released a Supplementary Planning Guidance 'The Control of Dust and Emissions from Construction and Demolition'™.

This document contains information outlining the new engine emission standards for NRMM in London under chapter 7, Cleaner Construction Machinery for London: A Low Emission Zone for Non-Road Mobile Machinery.

In order to comply with the GLA's NRMM LEZ policy there is a requirement for developments to keep an inventory of all NRMM used at the site (section 7.14).

An inventory of all NRMM should be kept on-site stating the emission limits for all equipment. All machinery should be regularly serviced and service logs kept on-site for inspection. This documentation should be made available to local authority officers as required.

The NRMM register is an online inventory and details of all NRMM with a net power between 37kW and 560kW should be recorded as it is delivered to the site with an indication of the proposed duration of use no matter how short or long this may be. If you know what machines will be used they can be entered in advance, this can be particularly useful where an exemption is required.

This will apply to both variable and constant speed engines for both NOx and PM. These standards are based upon engine emissions standards set in EU Directive 97/68/EC and its subsequent amendments.

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